What’s the difference between Sunday & Wednesday services?

Some people have a little less umph on hump day, so Wednesday night services are perfect because it’s calmer than Sunday morning. Also on Wednesdays, rather than preaching a message from the pulpit, Scripture truths are slowly and methodically unpacked in a more casual way that’s better suited for learning: we call it Bible Study.

We understand that going to a new place for the first time can create some anxiety about the unknown. Let’s calm those fears! You can arrive up to an hour before service begins (people have their favorite places to sit, so they arrive early to pray and secure their spots). If that’s not your kind of thing, it’s not a problem! We recommend you come at least 20 minutes early on your first visit so you can get comfortable before service begins.

We’re friendly people here, so we’re excited to introduce ourselves to you. We also collect some information about you and any visitors you bring on your first visit. You’ll be provided with a pen (you can keep it) and a Guest Connections card to complete. Once you’re finished, just give it back to the host you met at the door. If one is not available, someone in our Audio/Video booth will be happy to accept it from you. If you really don’t feel like doing any of that, just leave it in your pew rack and we’ll collect it after the service. No stress!

Where’s the Restroom?

Excellent question, and so important! As you enter the church, go to the left. The ladies room is on your immediate right. Keep going straight and you’ll see the men’s room a little further down on the right side.

Can I bring food into the Sanctuary?

The standard answer is no, but you know your medical conditions. When a medical urgency pops up, feel free to chug that bottle of orange juice you snuck into the room. Bottled water is never a problem (this is Florida). BTW, we do have a water fountain near the restrooms if you need a sip. Still, we ask that you keep that fried chicken and those collard greens in your car until the service ends (we don’t like it either, but we’ve learned it’s for the best).

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